7 Days's Breakfast for Diabetics

7 Days's Breakfast for Diabetics

7 Days's breakfast for diabetics skipping breakfast may be associated with a significantly increased risk of type 2 diabetes.

If you have type two diabetes breakfast is a must and it can have real benefits the body really needs the nutrients that breakfast provides to literally break the fast that results during sleeping hours

eating Foods at break fast that have a low glycemic index may help prevent a spike in blood sugar all morning long and even after lunch 

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Here the Best 7 Days's breakfast for diabetics skipping breakfast


Hot boiled eggs are a great on Theo option to save your time in the morning make a batch early in the week all you will have to do in the morning is grab one on your way out the door though people with diabetes are at a higher risk of heart disease research has shown that eating six or fewer eggs a week does not significantly impact act cholesterol buying anti-inflammatory omega-3 Rich eggs is even better


Unsweetened oatmeal is another great breakfast stripper studies also suggest that it may help decrease insulin resistance in some individuals add nuts or seeds a spoonful of plain Greek yogurt or berries to incorporate some additional food groups this toppings also increase the fiber and protein all of which help provide a more suble increase in blood sugar rather than a spike for easy preparation use a rice cooker to make in for several days then portion out into single serving containers


Unsweetened low fat or non-fat plain Greek yogurt mixed with fruit is another good way to get the morning going Greek yogurt has more protein and fewer carbs than traditional yogurt it's a great option for people with diabetes consider buying single serving yogurts to help control your potions if fresh produce is not not practical for your lifestyle stock your freezer with frozen fruit just be sure to choose products with no added sugar and skip the fruit juice 

Whole Grain Cereal

hot or cold the right cereal makes a great breakfast enjoy a bowl of high fiber low sugar cereal with skim milk or heat up plain oatmeal when it comes to whole grain cereal you can't beat a bowl of Steel Couts says Kennedy They are packed with fiber vitamins and minerals and make a great base for a healthy and diabetis friendly breakfast just remember that a little goes a long way a half cup equals one serving and about 15 G of carbs and watch what you add to it limit the butter and sugar instead top with fresh fruit skim milk or a sugar substitute to sweeten your meal

Breakfast Burrito 

This filling and easy meal can be eaten on the go when wrapped in foil using a nonstick skillet and cooking spray scramble an egg with on onions and green peppers or spinach place in a warmed whole wheat tortilla sprinkle with non-fat cheddar cheese add some salsa and you have a healthy breakfast to keep you going until lunch

Almonds and fruits 

For a breakfast you can eat on the Run grab a hoty handful of whole raw almonds and a small serving of low gamic index fruit such as berries a peach an apple or an orange the fiber and healthy mono unsaturated fats in the nuts will help you feel full and the fruit adds additional fiber and a touch of sweetens to your morning without causing a blood sugar Spike 

Breakfast Shake 

For a meal in a minute blend one cup of fat-free milk or plain non-fat yogurt with 1 half cup of Fruit such as strawberries bananas or blueberries add 1 teaspoon of wheat germ a teaspoon of nuts and ice and blend for a tasty filling and healthy breakfast 

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