15 Signs A Guy Is Turned On While Kissing

15 Signs A Guy Is Turned On While Kissing

All the Epic love stories of History started with just one kiss so what separates the kiss that changes your life with burning passion and a kiss that you soon forget if you have a man in your life and you're wondering how much he's really into locking lips with you 

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Here's a guide 15 signs a guy is turned on while kissing 

He can't get enough of your kisses 

The first and most most important sign a guy has turned on while kissing is that he can't get enough of your kisses sometimes he wants more but he's too shy however in most cases if he's going for it then you're going to feel his burning desire to lock lips for you as much as possible kissing feels good in general but it feels especially good when you're kissing someone who you're highly attracted to physically or romantically it's hard to misinterpret this one if he constantly wants to kiss you more and is is initiating the kiss then he's definitely turned on and excited by you as relationship expert Nicole Graham writes when a guy wants to kiss you all the time it means that he really likes you he loves the way you kiss him he can't have enough of you he wants you like crazy it can also mean that he has turned on badly and wants to have sex with you.

He gets hard for you 

When a man is aroused by a kiss he often experiences physiological reactions it's not rocket science although it is biology a lot of getting turned on happens in the mind but it's also a response to physical cues and there's nothing quite like your lips meeting someone else's and feeling that spark of electricity shoot through you if you feel his trouser snake making itself known while you kiss then you can bet he's burning with desire kissing can stop at just kissing or escalate into more sexual adventures and intercourse his equipment is warming up in anticipation this guy's body is getting excited and he's prepared to bed you down if it comes to that he's clearly getting hot and heavy so at this point you can be sure it's not just you who's feeling it 

He starts tripping over his own words 

Another one of the top signs a guy is turned on while kissing is that he starts sounding like Ernest Hemingway after a bottle of Caribbean whiskey this could be a turn off for you but it's just his Primal self emerging when a man is very turn on he begins talking more slowly slurring his words and forgetting what he's talking about it feels like you're lazing away on a summer afternoon or Living in a Dream but the only dream is that he's getting so turned on with you he's starting to trip over his own words his speech has gotten lazy and sensual it's almost as if all time around you is slowed and you're both focused on this one hot moment moment news flash this is his bedroom voice explains Trisha Bartle your kisses have gone to his head like a shot of the good stuff and now he's bumbling along like a drunk whether he's drunk on love or just sexual desire there's no doubt he's very turned on 

He starts fixing his pants all the time 

This is closely related to point two if you're looking for signs a guy is turned on while kissing then look whether he's adjusting his pants a lot if you're already comfortable with each other he probably won't try to downplay his stupidity but if he's still feeling a little shy or kissing you for the first time then he may try to mask his excitement is that just a new pleat in his khakis or is his sausage really that small I'm joking I'm joking at the point he gets hard and tries to hide it he may try all sorts of bizarre behavior that's when he starts Crossing and uncrossing his legs hunching forward a bit like he suddenly got a cramp in his back and walking sideways as if he somehow evolved into a new kind of human who doesn't walk normally anything is possible but you can bet that it's far more likely he's just got an erection and doesn't want to be too obvious about it remember to pretend you don't notice or you could always lighten the mood by asking if he's got a remote in his pocket

The starts making some noise 

At heart all of us are only in control of ourselves to a certain extent and when that limit gets crossed we start going a little bit wild it's true of both women and men one of the top signs a guy is turned on while kissing is that he starts making some noise it may be a grunt or a moan of some kind but when he's really feeling it then chances are that you're going to hear it if he's really a Smooth Operator then he may even make the noise in your ear combined with a caress it depends dep if this guy knows what he's doing or not but more often than not the noises he makes are involuntary a reflex from deep in his Primal core as king Kates writes when a guy is turned on he'll be making moaning or grunting not extreme noises because well he's getting into whatever you're doing to him the man is getting turned on 

He's Touchy Feely 

One of the clearest signs a guy is turned on while kissing is that he starts getting touchy feeling his wandering hands may find their way to your breasts you're behind or just focus around your neck and face if he's caressing like an Amorous Romeo then there's no doubt he's getting turned on of course this is not always something that a woman is open to yet so you may have to Sho his curious fingers from their intended targets but you can be sure that he's getting turned on 

He tells you about it 

When he's excited by you sometimes he just comes right out and says it now clearly some guys are players and will claim to be so into kissing you just so they can get further into your pants but most of the time if he tells you he's really into it and continues kissing you then it's because he's enjoying himself if he was just faking he'll tend to try to skip straight to sex or heavier stuff but when he tells you he's into it and wants to keep kissing then you can be quite sure he's getting very turned on no one is going to tell you that they enjoy your lips unless they're actually into kissing you if he tells you he enjoys kissing you then it's clear where he stands writes love Panky 

He gazes into your soul between every kiss 

When he's excited by kissing you he'll give you a look that's very unique and intense some people call it the look I call it gazing into your soul he basically tilts his head back back a bit and looks you deep in the eyes as if he's in Wonder at your beauty he may mile a word like wow or look as if he just saw all seven wonders of the world at the same time on your side you may feel as if someone is seeing who you really are in a strong and authentic way that's both comforting risky and romantic as Lauren Gilbo writes if a man is sexually attracted to you he'll probably frequently try to catch your gaze and hold it for an extended period this time type of eye contact radiates confidence and interest in the other person 

He takes time to warm you up 

When a guy is really turned on by you then he's going to savor every moment with you he will take his time to warm you up and explore every inch of you possible even if that's just your lips when he's excited it doesn't always mean he's going to Dive Right In with intense French kisses and pulling you towards him like the final credits of a love movie he will often be very delicate and subtle with you when he's really turned on enjoying every second of your interaction and slowly and sensually teasing you into full arousal a guy who can control himself in this way and use his excitement to slowly build your excitement as well as a rare find indeed 

His voice gets deep and husky 

One of the impossible to fake signs a guy is turned on while kissing is that his voice becomes deep and husky this isn't necessarily his choice it's actually a feature of male biology in evolution in historical circumstances a deeper voice attracted more mates think of it like the mating call of a bird except a guy may not even realize he's doing it but if you know what to look out for then you can identify when he's getting very turned on while kissing you as Gilbo notes research has suggested that women prefer deeper male voices to higher voices in men will often lower the tone of their voice without realizing it this is one of those things that men don't really do consciously so they can't hide that they're attracted to you 

He goes for broke 

When a guy is really turn on by kissing you one of the signs is that he will grope and touch you as I said this can be in the form of taking it slow when using foreplay or it can be that he gets so turned on he starts touching you in all sorts of intimate places one of the top signs a guy is turned on while kissing is that he starts talking about or actively going for more this often takes the form of him trying to get you naked suggesting you head to the bedroom or maybe giving you a wink if he's not turned on then he wouldn't want sex 

He gets lost in the kiss 

If you're looking for signs a guy is turned on while kissing then look at his eyes in addition to gazing into your soul as I describe described he may sometimes close his eyes like an old time Blues kuner what's up with that well in the animal world when you close your eyes it's because you feel safe and are really enjoying something such as a fresh drink of water or a delicious snack in the human world closing your eyes is also a sign of being either very sleepy or very secure and lost in the moment as reboot love life says closing his eyes means he is extremely comfortable and ready to to put himself in a vulnerable position he is feeling every bit of the kiss and totally involved he is not thinking about anything else at that moment except how good the kiss feels 

His knees go weak 

When a man is extremely turned on he goes weak at the knees it's more than just a dim store romance novel cliche it's actually true when the kissing is exciting him a lot he may start to get an erection have an increased heartbeat and even get dizzy whether he wants to sit down or not sometimes his own body makes the decision for him and he starts wobbling at the knees you turn him on so much he's almost collapsing congratulations 

His tongue tells the tale 

Not every guy is into French kissing but if he starts getting excited there's a high chance that his tongue will get in on the action if you start to feel him kiss with tongue then it likely means he's getting pretty excited whether he's good at it or not is a different story 

He gets excited when you let him take the lead

Sometimes the best way to see how turned on a guy is by kissing you is to let him take the lead if he's shy hesitant or just unsure of your boundaries then you can do a small trick take his hand and put it somewhere special even if it's just the small of your back show him that you physically trust him and want him to feel comfortable to move forward with you and take the kiss to the limits of pleasures see how he reacts as dagmer Thompson puts it if your guy is the shy type take his hands and place them in your body tell him to touch you as well allowing him to touch you will arouse him he will imagine other ways he can touch you keep it super sweet kisses are special and even the smallest one can be memorable and seductive it's really not about quantity it's all about quality if a guy is getting excited by kissing you then there are going to be numerous signs and they will often happen very quickly men tend to get more physically and romantically aroused more quickly than women as a general rule one fiery kiss can have him on his knees whereas it can take a lady a little bit more time and subtlety to have her fire lit at the end of the day there is no need to overthink kissing there isn't really a right way to do it you just do it but what separates a bad kiss from an average kiss from an Incredible kiss is really quite simple a good kiss takes over and makes everything else melt away as a Mand chatel writes a good kiss gets you completely lost you're unsure what end is up your knees go weak your whole body goes limp and every concern you had before you locked lips is gone kiss and tell not every kiss is the one that rocks the world or leads to a life of love in fact if you add up all the kisses in the world only a small percentage leads to real and Lasting Love the quest to finding true love and intimacy can be a long and winding road but kisses do matter.

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